Senior Management

Manager Adult Health / Chief Physiotherapist
Ruth Martin

A/Manager of HACC and Chronic Disease/Chief Speech Pathologist
Kerryn Jorgensen

Manager Clinical Nurse Education
Julie Hammet
Manager of Human Resources
Kay Robertson
Manager Community Health & Health Promotion/Chief Dietitian
Melissa Sappupo

Manager Pharmacy Services
Lisa Daly

Manager Counselling Services
Joan Eddy

Nursing Unit Manager - Community Nursing
Jane Cape

A/Manager Dental Services
Joanne Weaver

Nursing Unit Manager - Day Medical
Mandy Cullen

Manager Engineering Services 
Greg Todd

Nursing Unit Manager - Medical / Surgical
Paul Hilder

Manager Environmental Services
Debbie Hutchinson

Nursing Unit Manager - Residential Care
Tineke Carr

Manager Finance
Tony Grixti
Nursing Unit Manager - Theatre Services
Linda Aykens
Manager Health Information
Angela Mayhew
Nursing Unit Manager - Women’s Unit
Mary Little
Manager Hotel Services
Archie Small
Manager Women & Children’s Health/Chief Occupational Therapist
Joaquin Benedicto
Manager Information Communication Technology 
Colin Leggatt